Financial management of IP rights and projects

ip4manager allows a sound financial management of intellectual property rights, intellectual property-based agreements as well as any other projects related to marketing, patents, trademarks, designs, domain names or research and development.


The financial part of the software is divided in several screens:

Documents, such as invoices (in or out), cost proposals, offers etc can be easily linked to each project or task and to each sheet: ip4manager manages the whole document management of the financial activity linked to your IP rights or projects. It makes it easy to retrieve and/or export for other uses.Financial data can also be exported under a format that can be reused in MS Excel or other similar software (including open source software).

How to use ip4manager?

After having created your project or IP right, click on the "costs" part and access the financial management part of the software.

In the table of projects, select the IP right or project for which you want to add financial information.

ip4manager is automatically proposing to create a new budget; set it up as you wish; if you have no specific budget, you can insert "0".

You can now manage easily the financial part of your project or IP right, by clicking on the tabs "expenses" or "invoices" in the window corresponding to your project; you can even modify your budget at any time.

To create an expense, i.e. to insert costs regarding an incoming invoice or time spent over a file, click on the corresponding icon "Invoice" or "Time sheet". A new window is appearing, where you can fill in the corresponding information.

Information available regarding an incoming invoice encompasses the financial elements you require to follow-up the external costs related to a project, including:

Each time sheet gives also information about:


If your activities are to be invoiced to third parties or internally, you can also use ip4manager to insert and manage information about said invoices.


The invoicing module allows also to manage the royalties due by your licensees, and to follow up the corresponding payments.

Just insert the corresponding information, including:

Financial data is compiled for each project, making the financial decision-making and management clear and easy. Graphs show the financial situation of each project as well as for the whole structure, company or department. Financial data can also be easily exported if you have a need to insert it into an other software or system.

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