ip4manager for free

You can access ip4manager for free: just create an account, and have a try!

You will obtain an unlimited license to use our software, for one project. You can create as many tasks, reminders, budgets as you want, and fully enjoy the benefits and functionalities offered by ip4manager.Your project manager, for free, as long as you want!

How can I manage several projects or IP rights?

ip4manager has been created to manage up to several thousands projects in the same tool.

Choose your plan (by using the dedicated icon placed at the top of the screen or the menu item "Manage my plan" in the administration part), and adapt ip4manager to your needs!We have plans up to 5, 10, 50, 100 projects, and you can also have an unlimited account where you can create and manage as many projects and IP rights as you want.

After having chosen your plan, you can modify it at any time by simply using the same icon.


ip4manager allows you to interlink projects and IP rights.  

You can therefore insert a "parent project" and obtain an overview of your rights and projects. For example, you can create a right for your trademark, and an other entry for the license contract concerning this trademark. Each will have its own entry, its own deadlines, and you will be able to set and follow-up budgets and upload or disseminate documents for each, separately. You can also grant access to your team members or to partners, and limit said access to one of the rights or projects only.

How can I share information and documents?
ip4manager allows you to create groups within your own organisation or with partners.

Create a group, and grant access to projects, IP rights, tasks and the related documents and budgets to members of this group only.First create a group, in the "Admin" part of left menu. You can choose the name of the group, without limitation.Then invite participants, by using the "manage users" part of the "Admin" menu. After having selected the level of access you decide to grant (viewing only, or editing, even administrating ip4manager with you), just fill in the email of the person you want to invite. Upon clic on the button "send" they will receive an email containing their invitation to join the group you have created. After having created their account, they will be able to access the projects, IP rights, tasks, documents and/or budgets linked to this group.

Control access to your information

You can attribute each project, IP right or tasks to one group. Only members of this group will be allowed to see it and to access it. Documents and budgets related to this project, IP right or tasks are available to the same person(s) only.

You can invite participants or team members, but you can also delete any access right you have granted, whenever you want.You have full control over information you decide to share, and over the persons having access to your information!

Centralise your contact details

ip4manager contains a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool, where you can store and retrieve information about your contacts.You can easily create companies' entries, and contact details (email, phone, fax) for each individual related to said companies.ip4manager will send automatically email reminders to your contacts if you allocate them to a task. You can also send emails directly from the CRM part of ip4manager, and from the projects list by using the email icon.

Manage tasks, deadlines and reminders 

You can create a task related to a specific project or IP right. Tasks can be as varied as: answering questions, providing response to an official query or opposition, draft a contract or submit a budget for approval ... but it can be anything you want!

Just put a name, a short description if you want, and the project or IP right related to the task! Optionally you can manage its status, its priority, and put a deadline.

With a simple clic you will enable automatic email reminders: chose the date and hour of your email(s), and insert the contact person(s) that will receive your emails: you can also use this functionality to email reminders to yourself!


Import and manage documents

You have two ways to import documents:- you can drag and drop a document when you are in the "document" part, or in an expense. You can then edit data associated to the document (name, description, related project and task)- you can create a new document sheet, fill in the name, description, project and optionally the task it relates, and then select it by browsing your computer.

You can provide a date for each document.

Documents are accessible from each project by clicking on the corresponding icon in the projects list.

Create projects or IP rights

Clic on the icon "..." and you will directly create a new project: it's as easy!Fill in a name, the type of project and a status, and that's it.You can also include a short description if you like, and numerous fields allows you to manage additional information: official dates (application, publication, registration or grant, etc.). But you can also include countries, classes, or applicant, inventor or representative (IP attorney) names, etc.

ip4manager allows to manage International trademarks, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and European Patent (EP) filings, ARIPO, AIPO (OAPI) and CTM applications and registrations. For International trademarks and EP or PCT filings, you can add the designated countries in a specific field that appears when selecting the corresponding entry in the list of countries.

You can also create automatically a task for the renewal or next annual fee due date by clicking on the corresponding icon, directly in the IP right sheet.

ip4manager allows also for inter-linking of files, by selecting a parent project or IP right.